The Advantages of Christian Alcohol Treatment Centers for Believers

The rates of addiction to alcohol and other drugs have increased alarmingly in the United States over the years, leading to the creation of many types of drug and alcohol treatment centers. People who are ready to start their path to recovery will want to choose a center that is most aligned with their beliefs and the lifestyle they want to achieve. That makes christian alcohol treatment centers very appealing to a person who has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Types of Programs

At a center like Life Transformation Recovery, clients can choose inpatient or outpatient programs. Most programs last anywhere from one to six months, and can include medical detoxification if necessary. Some clients decide they want to continue participating for longer than six months to make sure they have the tools they need to stay clean and sober.

An example is learning how to always say no to invitations to drink, even when the person is dealing with a tough day. These persons must be able to deal with triggers that can crop up just about any time. They might be able to avoid driving by their favorite bar, but they still might hear a co-worker mention that bar now and then.

Aftercare Services

Aftercare services are offered that many recovering addicts find to be a great help. Ongoing individual and family counseling is available along with other types of support. Moving to a sober living house is another option that helps many people through their first year of recovery.

A Christian Environment

During treatment, Christians want to be able to freely talk about their faith without anyone judging them negatively or expressing skepticism. It helps them to bond with others of the same religion who are dealing with a similar problem. They can rely on the Lord no matter where they are, but the fellowship with other believers is a significant benefit for them.

These individuals also appreciate having Christian teachings, prayer and Biblical concepts included during therapy and activities. Being able to attend worship services on the site during inpatient rehab is important for them, and so is the opportunity to participate in Christ-focused discussions.